How to do the perfect hamper

So we felt this would be a good one to throw in, hampers are one of my favourite things to put together, not just during the holiday season, but for weddings, birthdays etc.

If your stuck on getting someone a gift’ a hamper is the perfect option

so basically how do you do the perfect hamper?

First you need to decide the theme of your hamper, is it going to be just food? Is it going to be bath and beauty? Is it going to be a night time hamper? Or maybe its for a child or baby?

here are some easy tips to follow when putting together a hamper, now you also need to decide how much your going to spend on the hamper and the size, iv personally done hampers for friends with around 8 items but if its a gift for the whole family maybe you want to go for something bigger? But iv also done small gift sets of 4 items for when you just need to put together a small gift maybe for the office friend of the partners sister?

First you need you box or basket to put all the gifts in , now as someone who doesn’t like waste I have a few suggestions, for example you could make buy a wicker basket and make it part of the gift or maybe a picnic basket if you are doing a food hamper. But there are also cheaper alternatives so personally for the ones iv made iv gone to local shops and got a box, you want something rectangle that doesn’t have really high sides, so that you will be able to display the gifts nicely.

Iv then covered the box in magazine pages or tissue paper (see our blog on gift wrapping coming out tomorrow for some ideas!), iv also used magazine pages scrunched up and shredded in the bottom of the box and placed under and around the items to give it a nice full effect so it doesn’t just look like a bunch of products thrown hell pelt into a box.

Now have you decided the theme?

Now here is a general rule I go by:

4 aspects to the hamper

so for food I would choose, sweet, liquid, spread and savoury, then you could have 1 of each, 2 of each, 3 or however many of each for however big you want to go with your gift.

So for food

sweet – chocolate, sweets, biscuits, treats

Liquid – I have wrote liquid and not drink as you could put alcohol in or maybe a fancy oil? Or a nice cordial?

Spread – pate, jams, chutney

savoury – crackers, crisps, nuts, pickles

Using these 4 aspects and having an equal number of each ensures that you have a nice mixture of goodies, of course you could go for an entirely sweet hamper and choose to do chocolate, chewy sweets, biscuits and jams? And again you can choose 1, 2, 3 or however many of each f these items.

Want to do a bath and beauty hamper?

Hair – Shampoo, hair oils, conditioner?

Body – Shower gel, bath gel, soaps?

Relax – bath salts, candles, bath crystals, bath bombs

face – moisturiser, toner, face cream, face masks

How about one for the kids?

Edible – sweets and chocolate

Educational – a book or something for learning

Play time – action doll? Dinosaur? Play animals?

Building – a make your own kit or colouring set to encourage hands on skills

I feel that this is a really easy method to use when building a hamper so that I dont get stressed out with how many items or not making sure that they hand up with a hamper full of just crackers (although there woud be nothing wrong with that if thats what you like)

As always we hope this blog has been useful for you, and if you have any other great tips on building hampers then we would love to hear them so just drop us a comment

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