Our 4 top cruelty-free beauty gifts

The reality is that I’m sure there are so many great beauty shops online and on the high street, but from our experiences we have come up with this list of some of our favourites, so we apologise if we left you off, and we would love you to comment with your favourite cruelty free beauty brands too!


I am placing lush in our top 6 cruelty-free places to buy beauty and bathing gifts, while some people find that their shop and products are an assault on the senses, we can’t deny that their products are well, just lush.

Not only are all their products cruelty-free, but many of them are also vegan-friendly and labelled too! From pre-made hampers, gift sets or items you can buy to put your own together, they really have got it covered.

Not only that but with them now making a stance against plastic! Not only do they do plastic free soaps and bath bombs but this range has been extended to shower gels, yes you heard me a plastic free shower gel, and yes you can even find plastic free make-up! Many of their gift sets are wrapped in reusable scarves or you can buy one to wrap yourself.

There is another reason why lush comes at the top of my list this year to, they are taking part in petitions and campaigns to make a difference with a anti fur campaign earlier this year, anti fox hunting displays and wildlife petitions and of course their charity pots, you can also support a good cause.


Green People have made it in to our top 6 beauty suppliers, while they may still have plastic packaging there is no denying that what’s inside them is good, not only are they a cruelty-free company with no animal testing they also don’t use any harsh chemicals making them better for more sensitive skin. But to top it off their products are also all certified organic and they sustainably grown plant ingredients, and on their website they state that 10% of their profits go to charities.

They looks nice in a gift hamper, they do vegan, they do a range for babies and children, they do night and day creams and whilst at Arjuna we don’t think that beauty products need to be labelled with a gender they do have a “men’s range” and you can even order sample packs.


Now there are a few reasons I’ve decided to add Eden perfumes into the list and one is that perfume seem to get forgotten about when we talk about beauty products, it can also be more tricky to find cruelty free or vegan-friendly ones on the high street, let alone zero waste ones.

Eden perfume is unique in that they have a shop in Brighton and also travel all over to different vegan markets and events, but the reason for me why they really stand out is that you can refill your bottles with them. You can do this by either going into their store or sending your bottles to them by post to have them refiled and sent back to you! On top of this the entire brand is vegan friendly so not tested on animals or containing any animal derived products so I really recommend these as a great gift (maybe to yourself).


I came across Face Theory whilst browsing the net in seasearchr beauty/skincare shops that stand out above the rest, and one one of the reasons I’m including them in the top 6 is because they offer all of their products in a fragrance-free option. It can be hard to find products for your skin if you are sensitive to chemicals of fragrances, so having this option seems like a fantastic idea, they are also parabens and sulphates free with the entire range being vegan too! (being vegan means that they are also a cruelty free company) The products themselves are made in their very own lab in Sheffield and the website is very helpful in helping you create your very own skin routine with gift sets available too.

Hope that helps you shop for vegans, let us know your thoughts on vegan Christmas presents in the comments!

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