Our Vegan Halloumi review (it’s not the one you’re thinking of and it’s here in Cambridge!!)

Our Vegan Halloumi review (it’s not the one you’re thinking of and it’s here in Cambridge!!)

Vegan cheeses began to appear in the 1980s but they were…not brilliant. A bit on the brown side. Often waxy, chalky or plasticity.

Seed and nut milks haven’t been made into cheese as long as dairy has so it took the noble vegans a bit of time to get sorted.

The difficulty is dairy milk contains casein, a protein which makes it stretch. Hard to replicate with plants.

I’m not sure what cheesy wizardry our new supplier ‘Nutcrafter’ uses but is it’s a black art!

We now stock their vegan halloumi which is made from cashew nuts, tapioca and vegan live culture.

(If you’re wondering what a vegan live culture is, it’s a yeast or bacteria that help develop foods. You might have had it in pickles like sauerkraut or in kombucha tea. This is often lab grown and similar to the stuff found in probiotics.)

There’s no casein involved in vhaloumi and yet our staff think it’s ‘the vegan cheese that tastes most like dairy cheese‘ and ‘it goes brown on top and looser in the middle; it’s not runny, it’s exactly like halloumi‘.

Beth says  ‘I was a massive fan of dairy cheese and it was the only thing difficult to find as a vegan…wished I had that ‘smelly’ flavour as weird as that sounds! This is definitely as good as dairy cheese without the suffering! Vegan cheese win.

Vhalloumi’s shelf life is 30 days in the fridge, 3 months in the freezer (though after opening you should use it within 3 days).

If you use this raw it’s like a lovely mozzarella. You can use a balsamic glaze on some toast to make it into bruschetta, try adding some basil, olive oil and tomatoes.

Or if you’re grilling the Vhalloumi it’s spectacular on top of a vegan bean chilli.

Hollie in particular thinks you should get your bottom down to Arjuna and try some!

Vhalloumi has actually sold out on the Nutcrafter site – but we have some in the shop x

P.S. Have you tried Vhalloumi? Leave us a comment letting us know what you think! Plus, if you know an ex-cheese eater who might love this, please share it with them 🙂

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