Now today’s post is about to look at kids toys? And your probably wondering why we are covering this topic?

Well there is no denying that during the festive season a large amount of toys is purchased for children all over, and something that most of us rarely consider is the environmental impact of those toys, while I know many parents who choose toys that are educational to their kids are we teaching them the right skills and are there other options we can choose?

I myself have a 5 year old brother and 2 other younger siblings so this is something over the past few years that I have really started to look at, I was guilty of just going and buying the toys that were ‘all the range’ off the shelf with out taking into consideration if these gifts were educational and environmentally friendly so last Christmas I set out with the goal in buying gifts that ticked both these boxes.

So first lets look at the plastics issue, a huge number of kids toys are plastic based, and while it is okay to have some plastic toys if you consider yourself an environmentalist is there better options?

Absolutely, something I found whilst looking for toys was that there are companies that sell wooden toys so especially if you are buying for a younger child that may outgrow that toy then wooden toys can be a good option, after all they will be less damaging to the environment and they also remind me of the toys my parents would have a had when less plastic toys were being produced.

One really great online shop that I found online is the Ethical Superstore

not only do they have wooden toys but they also stock a brand called Green Toys , and what I love about this brand is that all their plastic toys are made from 100% recycled plastic! Not just this but none of the toys are battery powered with the intention that children can use there imagination for play and they even go one step further with all the packaging being from recycled cardboard.

But if you want to avoid the toys altogether then there are some other options, books are always a great gift for a child of any age and especially when they are educational, a friend of mine recently pointed out that a lot books aimed at young girls often depict a princess who needs to be rescued by a prince, and is this teaching children the right message? That’s why I think this series of books Little People Big Dreams  are an excellent set of books teaching children about different people and accomplishments throughout history including Marie Curie, Ann Frank and Audrey Hepburn.

Another great idea that I hadn’t really thought about but started doing this year is to buy people experiences rather than material objects and this something that we can definitely do with children to!

So for example my other 2 siblings are 14 and 16 so although they are no longer considered children but young adults, they are at an age that can be tricky to buy for and I cant imagine they will appreciate eco-friendly toothbrushes and deodorant from their older sister. So something you can do is do a home-made voucher for a day out, this could be a voucher for a day to the park, or a trip somewhere, a museum visit, cinema trip to see a movie of their choosing with a meal. Even though this specific blog is to focus on children’s toys this is also an idea that can be usedas a gift for adults.

And the best part is, this is something that can be implemented with gift buying in general for children not just during the festive season but for birthdays, and for general gift giving all year round.

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