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Lyle harmonising upriver.

A wholefood shop with heritage.

Arjuna Wholefoods is Cambridge’s original 100% vegetarian wholefood shop offering ethically sourced and appropriately priced organic artisan food and daily vegan lunch to take-away.


Food with provenance, suitable for vegetarians, vegans and allergies, often fairly traded.

From sourdough bread to superfoods, we do organic wholefoods at sensible prices.


Wholefoods are our thing. Packed at our warehouse we sell organic and non organic grains, pulses, fruit, nuts and superfoods plus locally baked bread, vegan salads to take away and a complete grocery shop. Visit the Tramadol Online Order Cheap page to learn more.


We buy from suppliers we know and trust like SUMA and ESSENTIAL who are co-operatives like us. Locally we source bread from Dovecote Bakery, Newnham and Cobs, whilst our fruit and vegetables come from Paul’s Soyfoods, Wild Country Organics, Waterland Organics and The Prospects Trust.


Arjuna Wholefoods is a workers’ co-op, a business fully and equally owned by it’s workers. We do everything from buying it to selling it to you at the till. Read more on the Order Tramadol Overnight Online page.


The yellow shop at 12 Mill Road is how we’re known and we’ve been on Cambridge’s most independent street since 1970. A fixture of Mill Road’s annual winter fair read the whole story on the Tramadol Online Nz page.



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