Happy 1st December!

This year the Arjuna team are blogging the whole of Christmas. 24 blogs on the run up to a Cambridge Christmas.

Today our vegan cook/suma supplier person Hollie is blogging (to be honest it’ll be mainly Hollie blogging but others too!)

Its that time of year, and for one reason or another I think most people love it or hate it, the lights are up, the stores are packed and everyone spends a little more than they need to on the food shopping.

Well this year we got ya covered, at Arjuna we understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but if you do or don’t I am sure you can find at least one of our blogs or vlogs useful for the winter season, be it trying to find the birthday present for that one December birthday relative (c’mon, change your  birthday, you have a good excuse!), or celebrating the season with the in-laws, or maybe you just want some winter warmer recipe ideas.

In the following blogs we’re going to cover jumpers, cruelty free bathing, vegan cheeses, meat free dishes, gluten free desserts and much more, and for those of you with little ones that still believe in Santa we will even cover the best vegan cookies and plant based milks to leave out by the fireplace.

Got that lactose intolerant friend to buy for? No problem, we will even be doing our top 10 dairy free chocolate and cheese (not together mind you), not to mention how to build the perfect hamper and for those who are new to vegetarianism or veganism were even throwing in a blog on how to deal with questions asked about your new lifestyle while eating dinner with the meat eating family.

And these certainly wont be just for veggies and vegans, as we will also be helping those who are not with how to shop for their veggie and vegan friends and family this festive season with cooking tips and helpful gift ideas. Also I mentioned jumpers earlier on, that’s right we are going to be covering how to buy ethical jumpers this season be it for yourself or someone else to keep cosy, as lets face it everyone needs a cosy winter jumper.

How can you be more waste free when it comes to gift wrapping and cards? We got it, we’re on it. Not to mention were also going to be tagging in other bloggers so that you can learn how to make that gluten free vegan xmas pie for your boyfriends niece who has an allergy. And the Christmas cake to? Yep we got ya covered.

Onwards towards Christmas and see you tomorrow for homemade vegan sweets!

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