1. Do not put yourself down if you cant be perfectly zero waste or plastic free! Many of us doing what we can to reduce our waste is better than a small few doing it perfectly! Give yourself a break, and as long as you are making some sort of effort and doing what you can, then well done!

  2. Buy as much of your fruit and veg plastic free as you can, and if you want to go the extra length try and go for local, organic and seasonal.
  3. Swap to the soap, go for loose bars of soap other plastic bottles of body wash.
  4. Get yourself (or even better make yourself) some reusable cotton pads, non-organic cotton has a multitude of reasons why its not great for the environment or for human rights, not to mention they also normally come wrapped in plastic, so ditch the disposables for some washables. I have 3 sets and they have lasted me 2 years so far! 1 for removing nail varnish (these are rougher) 1 for removing makeup (these dont stay white! and 1 set for cleaning my face when its makeup free.
  5. Whilst we are on ditching disposables make the switch to plastic free reusable coffee cup, yes these can actually be costly if you want to go for one that is made with coconut husk but a lot of coffee shops now are offering a few pence (normally about 25p) off your drink as an incentive to bring your own.

  6. Go for tins not plastic, zero waste shops are a rarity at the moment, so if your doing your weekly shop and need things like pulses and beans then try to go for cans when you can, as these can be recycled, unlike most plastic wrapping which unfortunately ends up in landfill.
  7. If you are able to get hold of them then switch to a plastic free biodegradable bin bag, (we stock these are Arjuna and they are available of sites such the ethical superstore), for your bathroom, spare room or living room bin (any bin that wont have wet/food waste in it) you can make paper bin bags using newspaper, there is a Youtube video on this here.
  8. Switch to more environmentally friendly cleaning products, if you can then switching to cleaners that have less damaging chemicals is good, and if it is possible for you to do so then try using natural cleaners such as white vinegar and baking soda which can also sometimes be found plastic free! Not only is this good environmentally as lots of these chemicals end up down the drain and into the water but it means less chemicals in your home to.
  9. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush (a easy switch with no explanation needed!, if you do need a electric one for any reason this company here have a zero to landfill scheme.)
  10. As we are on the toothbrush topic, you could also try switching to a plastic free toothpaste, this can be more tricky and normally requires getting to a specific shop that stocks such items or ordering offline and in my experience they are more pricey.