We all get stuck in the same rut when it comes to a healthy plant-based cruelty-free packed lunch.

Hummus pitta bread or pb and j, am I right? Well, vegans there is more to lunch and life than this!

Here are our top five Arjuna ideas for vegan packed lunch that take ten minutes or less to make the night before:

1. Chickpea salad. Open can of chickpeas, rinse. Put in a lunch box. Add salt, lemon juice and vegan parmesan (we like Violife Prosciano) and a tiny bit of finely grated garlic and some black pepper. You can add veggies like chopped bell peppers and herbs like basil or parsely. Really top notch, beans and chickpeas can make an amazing protein base for a packed lunch!

2. A rice bowl. Cook extra rice with your dinner the night before, any type works great but brown is good for fibre, vitamins and minerals like selenium and manganese. We like rice bowls with avocado, coriander, cider vinegar, salt, pepper, sweetcorn, a bit of ginger freshly grated and soy sauce, some seeds like pumpkin or sunflower for crunch and some bell peppers. Totally delicious and nutritious. We have loads of different cider vinegars – Crones’ organic raw cider vinegar is particularly nuanced, a real treat

3. Broccoli Bake. I’m super lazy and roast my Broccoli because it just means putting the oven on, attacking the broccoli with scissors and putting it in a glass dish with some olive oil and salt. Then in the microwave I make a nutritional yeast ‘cheese’ sauce (basic recipe here). I add some No-Moo ‘Piquant’ vegan cheese if I’m feeling fancy. I add the broccoli to the cheese sauce and…voilà! I often top this with cashew nuts. It is really, surprisingly good cold hence a good packed lunch

4. Greek Salad. This is mucho sophisticado. We have this feta like vegan cheese called ‘Sheese’ which is brilliant. Cut up a red onion, cucumber, bell peppers, black olives, and some sheese cut up with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar plus salt and pepper to taste. You’ll love yourself in the morning!

4. Last option for the terminally busy: Some pre-cooked veggies burgers (we have locally made herb and tofu ones from pauls, check the chiller), cherry tomatoes, a tub of guacomale (our Holy Moly ones are 100% avocado and beautiful!) and a lovely crunchy apple. This is just assembly really but still really healthy and indulgent!

Of course, all ingredients for these and more are available at Arjuna on Mill Road. We also have our delicious 100% vegan take away lunches in biodegradable pots that we make ourselves if you’re running low on time.

Our lunches example: Black rice salad with veggies, hummus and falafel

We’re always happy to give you more ideas in the shop.

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