Its not actually that often that we create a whole blog post on one specific product but we felt that this needed one to itself.

So why are we going wild for this wild coffee?

Well first off lets talk about the product itself, with it being Fairtrade this is something that is really important to us! But what does it mean? When a product is certified as Fairtrade it means that the product has to adhere to a set of strict standards that encourage environmental sustainability, which of course is one thing that is important to us! But it also means that they have to stick to a set of standards also concerning human rights and welfare to make sure the product was grown and produced by people who are treated and compensated fairly for their work.

On top of this the product is also certified Organic! So environmentally and human rights friendly is a big yes for us!

But they haven’t stopped there!

They have gone even further to reduce their environmental impact with shade grown coffee, whats that I hear you asking? Here is a clippet of the explanation on their own website:

“new sun-tolerant coffee plants have been developed with the aim to yield higher production rates to produce larger yields through higher-density, open planting over huge areas of land.
Unfortunately, this cultivation practices of open planting is completely unsustainable, destroys the land through overexposure to the sun and has a negative impact on the environment that is not talked enough about.”

You can read their whole page about this topic and how shade grown coffee is more sustainable here.

Through their work with using more sustainable coffee growing methods and their Fairtrade certificate they won the Blue Patch for sustainable business award in 2018 and are one of the Ethical Consumers best buys!

But hang on why is it called Bird & Wild?

Well as if all this wasn’t enough to make you run out and grab a bag they also donate 6% of the sales from each bag sold to the RSPB, they are on a mission to help the birds! So far since they launched in 2017 they have donated a whopping £11,846 to the RSPB!

You can read up more about what the RSPB does here.

They even have a whole page on their website talking about coffee and veganism, and how growing coffee is damaging migrating bird populations, I really recommend giving this page a read as its very interesting!