So we will start by telling you that yes, Arjuna does actually have its own kitchen, lots of our new customers are presently surprised to learn that in the chiller at the back of the store we have a selection of dishes and delights that are cooked with care in our very own Arjuna kitchen 3 times a week!

So what do we make and sell?

Well you can always find some sort of dip or pesto, most often its our world famous Arjuna hummus (okay world famous might be a slight over kill but its homemade and tastes really good!) You will also find salads, these change throughout the week as we try to make a different one on each of our kitchen days, some of our classic favorites are:

  • Carrot salad with hummus and falafel
  • Quinoa salad with hummus and falafel
  • Rainbow rice salad with yogurt dip and tofu
  • Kaleslaw with yogurt dip, roasted seeds and nuts
  • Spelt berry salad with hummus and tamari baked aubergine steaks

You will also in the chiller find out homemade pasties, we make these from scratch to! Using a simple pastry recipe, and yummy ingredients, the most popular flavors are leek and potato and balti!

We do from time to time also have vegan pizza, lasagna, falafel, vegan quiche or tofu tarts and wraps.

Alongside the salad meal we also make a hot meal which we then cool and pot up, this is normally something along the lines of a stew or curry, served with a grain, rice, potatoes, packed with fresh veggies and made from scratch!

So why do we do this? And why should you buy our meals?

We believe that offering a healthy meal using fresh veggies and wholesome grains should be accessible to the majority, thats why we always cook from scratch and sell our meals at the cheapest we can!

You will also find that all the meals served from our kitchen in our chiller are 100% vegan, no dairy, no egg, no honey, this alongside making sure that at least one of our meals is gluten free ensures that they are suitable for a wider variety of people with allergies or dietary needs.

We also like to make sure our kitchen food is as environmentally friendly as we can make it, many of the products are brought in bulk to reduce packing and in some cases make them plastic free, and the containers that they are dished up into are by vegware and are compostable. On top of this we buy a lot of our veg plastic free from a wholesalers, and compost and recycle as much of the kitchen waste as we can.