Massive amounts of guilt.

That’s what it can feel like food shopping. Palm oil = homeless orangutans. Coffee = ripped off farmers. Grapefruits = something to do with dodgy Israeli human rights.

Best send the housemates to get the supplies or get into fasting to avoid feeling bad!

But at Arjuna we try to stock the food that lets you be an ethical consumer because we know you care deeply. Make no mistake, consumers have had a huge impact on global food politics. Local farms have never been doing so well.

When it comes to eggs, our advice is to get Soil Association Organic ones.

There’s no way of getting eggs that don’t involve the euthanizing of male chicks at the moment (except if you have chickens in your garden but it’s likely you won’t have a reliable supply).

The Soil Association is supporting scientists working on ways of ‘sexing’ fertilised eggs and for developing birds that can be used for meat and eggs. So we’re trying our best with this and we hope there will be a solution soon.

This is just one reason organic eggs are so much better than free range ones.

Here are our 5 top reasons why organic eggs are the best:

1. Organic chickens don’t have to get their beaks trimmed. This happens even at Free Range farms. The flock sizes are huge and they get stressed and violent – sad.

It’s kind of like when you go on holiday with the inlaws and the caravan is way too small for 5 people and you start pecking at each other. But if you have organic standards in place you can show the love properly!

2. Organic chickens aren’t given antibiotics or low quality feed. They get to peck at insects and worms, maybe even some crickets. Yum.

3. Organic chickens get to go outside. Despite the name, Free Range birds often don’t.

Organic farmers will keep the chickens inside in terrible weather. No-one likes having wet feathers!

4. Organic chickens don’t get GM feed and or antibiotics (unless they’re prescribed for an illness)

5. The taste of the eggs! You can tell the organic chickens are happy from the taste of the eggs, creamy white, deep flavoured yellow/orange yolks. Mmm, ethical!

We only sell organic eggs from a farm we approve of (Haresfield).

When you’re next looking to make a quick omelette to use up the mushrooms on the turn, you want to make frittata ’cause you’re fancy or you just want boiled eggs so you can line up all your soldiers in height order, get the organic ones and you know you’re doing the best for the chickens!