Vegan plant based milks are getting more and more popular, and you can now choose between dozens of brands and flavours. Which one is best for you?

Almond milk is the most popular milk alternative currently, having recently overtaken soy. We sell Ecomil almond milk which is organic, and made in Spain. We sell sweetened and unsweetened, as well as calcium enriched. These milks are creamy and have a strong almond flavour. We also have Ecomil hazelnut and quinoa milk!

Rice milk is gluten free and low in fat and calories, easy to digest and has a mild taste. Our rice milks are Rice Dream and Rude Health. Rice milk is good for cereal, cooking and drinking, it is thinner than some plant based milks.

Oat Milk has the most fibre, it has a mild oat taste and works well in smoothies, pancakes and cooking sweet or savoury dishes. Oats are good for your heart, and oat milk is low in fat. We buy our milk from Oatly, an independent company based in Sweden. We also stock Oatly’s foamable oat milk for baristas or at home.

Soy Milk, probably the most famous milk alternative! Made with edemame beans, soy milk has the highest protein content of the vegan milks, and it works great in cooking, on cereal, in milkshakes or just to drink. Because of it’s slightly higher fat content it is creamy, filling and delicious. We sell Provamel soy milk, Soya Soleil and Bonsoy, which is developed by japanese soy masters.

Hemp Milk is the cool new kid on the block, environmentally friendly with loads of Omega 3 and a lovely mild earthy taste. Our hemp milk from GoodHemp is enriched with calcium and vegan Vitamin D. We sell sweetened and unsweetened hemp milk.

Coconut milk, by Koko is enriched with Vit D and B12, and works really well in tea and coffee. It has a mild coconut taste, you can also have it on cereal or try it in a milkshake! Coconut milk also contains calcium, and is low in calories.

Try a vegan cheese sauce using soy milk, or a fruit smoothie with oat milk. Swap out the dairy milk in your coffee, or try almond milk on your meusli!