Have you come across Seitan? ????????????????????

This is an insanely delicious vegan food that’s 75% protein. It’s made of wheat gluten and is chewy, takes flavour well and has been popular in Asian countries, especially in restaurants catering for Buddhist customers.

We have this version in a jar (great for a chicken replacement, it’s a bit ginger/spiced so lovely for stir fries) and the vital wheat gluten flour if you’re wanting to make it yourself from scratch!

The ingredients on the jarred version are: ‘Water, Gluten* (Wheat*), Wheatflour*, Tamari* (Soyabeans*, Water, Salt, Aspergillus Oryzae), Kombu (Seaweed), Herbs*, Ginger*. ‘

We’re one of the few places in Cambridge that stock Seitan – well proud!