Ah, l’amore. We had a young vegan man come in looking nervous. He wanted to know whether we had a dining area because he had a first date. He didn’t know what she’d think about his veganism.

Sadly Arjuna doesn’t have a dining area right now, we just have our table and two chairs outside. We have beautiful vegan takeaway meals and fresh baking that we make ourselves with organic ingredients wherever possible. But it’s not really a candlelit dinner situation!

We asked our local Facebook vegan friends for the top places for a vegan dinner date in Cambridge.

Here’s where they suggested:

1. Thrive Cafe, 100% vegan with salads, tofish and cakes for afternoon coffee!.

2. Doppleganger Burger Cambridge. Quote from their site: ‘I hated vegans until about 2 minutes ago but that was bloody delicious’

3. The Old Bicycle Shop: Carnivorous, veggie and vegan options. Seitan meatballs and vegan mozzarella 🙂

4. Stem and Glory. Cambridge’s only vegan restaurant. Vegan wines and kimchi pancakes, divine.

5. Novi – this is a cocktail place. They do nice vegan stuff though, quinoa salads and bean and walnut burgers

6. The Waterman: they do lovely things with aubergine

Our favourite suggestion, especially while the weather is so wonderful:

Buy an Arjuna picnic and go and sit near the river!

Isn’t that what dating in Cambridge is all about?

P.S. how did you tell your significant other you were vegan? Any tips for when you like them but you’re not sure they get veganism yet? Leave a comment and let us know!