Our breads are sourced from local bakers, with a delicious selection of artisan sourdoughs, teacakes and sliced breads. We also bake our own olive loaves in the Arjuna kitchen which can be found on the till area on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our range of gluten-free loaves are supplied by the Incredible Bakery and are free from all major allergens. Their wraps, baps and buns can also be ordered through us.


From aduki beans to quinoa, cashews to cacao, wholefoods are at the core of our business. Ethically sourced and packed by hand in our warehouse, our affordable`packdowns’ are sold in biodegradable, compostable plastic. They range from kitchen cupboard essentials like rice or muesli, to smoothie ingredients such as spirulina or hemp protein. We supply an organic or non-organic option for most of our range, and a 10% discount when you buy 6 of the same line.

We have a great range of dairy-free milk alternatives including almond, pea, hazelnut, soy, oat, rice and coconut, while also stocking fresh organic dairy milk in our chiller. Whether you are looking for organic, vegan, gluten free or other specialist foods we stock a wide range from nut butters to crackers and biscuits.

Once you are done stocking your cupboard, we have a selection of artisan vegan cheese in our chiller, with plastic free options that are made in the UK by small businesses. Our chilled and frozen section is home to a large selection of vegan mock “meats” including sausages, burgers and also healthy wholefood options.


Whenever possible we stock locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables, from a variety of squash in the winter, to rhubarb and berries in the summer. Always organic, plastic free whenever possible, and supporting small local growers such as The Prospects Trust. We enjoy spending time sourcing unusual and heritage varieties such as rainbow carrots and golden beetroots. Year round we sell exotics like bananas, avocados and turmeric, mostly from Paul’s Soyfoods.


Vegan lunch from the Arjuna Kitchen can be bought from our take-away counter all week, and an accompaniment can be found in out cake counter in the window. Our classic date slice is still a popular choice to this day!

As well as lunch we also have a vegan catering service, ideal for business events, weddings and parties.


It is becoming ever more pressing that as consumers we need to switch to more Earth-friendly plastic free alternatives. Aside from our compostable pack downs, we provide other alternatives. We now have a range of refills including hand soaps, toilet cleaner and laundry liquid. You can also find in our bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars, plastic-free shea butter, and many plastic-free cleaning products such as soap nuts and coconut scrubbing pads.


Beyond food Arjuna sells a wide range of body care, from fluoride-free toothpaste to sulphate-free shampoos, deodorants and henna. We stock cruelty-free brands such as Faith in Nature and Jason, and an organically certified range by Green People.

For your home we have environmentally kind plant-derived hypoallergenic washing-up liquid, laundry liquid and much more from Bio-D and Suma.