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About This Project

The non-vegan’s guide to gift buying for vegans

With veganism becoming more and more mainstream, it is nearly inevitable that your list of people to buy for will include a vegan. But what to get them? The list of things that are “off-limits” can sometimes seem long and bewildering but we’re here to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Essentially, buying for a vegan is just the same as buying a present for anybody else, except you are making sure that your purchase is as ethical as possible. Vegans care about supply chains, ingredient provedence and worker welfare, just as much as they care about avoiding products that contain animal parts. As such, your buying experience will depend very much on who you are buying for, their preferences and desires.


For chocolate lovers, you can’t go far wrong with a box of decadent truffles. Try Booja-Booja’s selection box, a range of Ombar Chocolates or a couple of bars of Vivani’s iChoc (Choco Cookie anyone?) Ask an Arjuna worker to point out the vegan chocolates in stock for you.

How about a hamper of Arjuna products? We have a vast array to choose from, from vegan cheeses to snack bars, soaps and lotions to specialist cooking ingredients. Alternatively, we stock gift vouchers at the till, so your gift recipient can compile their own!


Some non-vegan ingredients are also allergens, so helpfully, these should appear in bold on most products in the UK (such as milk, eggs and fish). However, there are a couple to look out for – honey, meat (in gelatine), beeswax and whey (from milk) can sometimes pass you by.


An item of clothing with a vegan message on it is bound to go down well with the average vegan – they won’t pass by the chance to identify themselves to fellow human beings who share their values, or give a stranger something to think about. Try UK based company Viva la Vegan for catchy slogans or search on Etsy for something special.

If you’re looking for something more basic, try an ethical clothes company such as The Third Estate or Ethical Superstore, or simply browse the high street, making sure to check the labels to avoid silk, wool and leather. H&M are currently rated among the most ethical of the high street retailers by independent review body Ethical Consumer, though their score is still only half that of some smaller, independent clothes shops.

Kitchen gadgets

For all that vegetable preparation! You could try a spiralizer, a juicer or food processor for those likely to try making their own vegan cheeses, chocolate mousses, smoothies and milkshakes!

Other ideas

  • A subscription to a magazine that fits their interests. Try Plant-Based, Vegan Life or The Vegan Society magazine for vegan-specific content, or look for political, environmental or arty zines written by people in the local community.
  • A vegan subscription box – The Vegan Kind offer boxes of sweet treats and other vegan nibbles on a gift subscription service. Choose from the Lifestyle box (ie tasty treats!) or the Beauty box and get innovative vegan product samples delivered to your loved one’s door every month!
  • Recipe boxes – just like Hello Fresh and Gousto…but for vegans. The best known company is called Plant Curious, though there are others such as Allplants that deliver entire ready-made vegan meals instead of recipes…ideal for the high-powered vegan in your life!